The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) manages and administers the WaterMark Certification Scheme (the scheme).

The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) accredits Watermark Conformity Assessment Bodies (WMCABs), who in turn evaluate and certify plumbing and drainage products.

WMCABs are responsible for evaluating new products to an approved specification, for inclusion on the WaterMark Product Database. If a new product cannot be evaluated to an approved specification, a new or amended product specification can be submitted for the ABCB Office to review and approve. Once approved, the WMCAB can undertake an evaluation of the new product.

The WaterMark Administrative Framework details the relationship of key stakeholders and their role in the scheme.

How do I become a WaterMark Conformity Assessment Body?

Organisations seeking to become a WMCAB should apply directly to JAS-ANZ.

Below you can view the list of organisations approved as WMCABs.

ApprovalMark International Pty Ltd
Australian Certification Services Pty Ltd
Certification Solutions International Pty Ltd
CertMark International Pty Ltd
DNV Business Assurance Australia Pty Limited
Global Certification Pty Ltd
Global-Mark Pty Ltd
IAPMO R&T Oceana Pty Ltd
SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd
The Australian Gas Association