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The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory scheme for plumbing and drainage products of a certain type.

Certification ensures products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. The Australian Building Codes Board administers and manages the Scheme.

Latest resources

This document contains a list of plumbing and drainage products that are included in the WaterMark Certification Scheme. It also nominates the specification to which the products can be certified.

This document contains a list of plumbing and drainage products that are excluded from the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

This version of the NCC 2019 Lighting Calculator assists in understanding and applying the NCC Volume One Part J6 Artificial lighting DTS Provisions for energy efficiency.


Assists in developing a better understanding of the NCC Volume Two ABCB Housing Provision Standard Gutters and Downpipes provisions.


This document provides direction for CodeMark Certification Bodies to follow when issuing Certificates of Conformity (CofC) under the CodeMark Australia Scheme using the CofC template.


This corrigendum provides a correction to the preview draft of NCC 2022 Volume One.


Provides guidance to use these Verification Methods in NCC Volume One for ramps and access to and within a building.


This Interim Consultation Report summarises the key themes raised by stakeholders and gives a broad response to each theme.


This notice provide directions to WaterMark Certification Scheme stakeholders on compliance with the requirements of AS/NZS 4020:2018.


Funded by the ABCB's Student Research Scholarship, this report studies the actual water demand in Australian multi-level residential buildings.


Assists in better understanding and applying Part F2, Sanitary and other facilities DTS Provisions.


This notice is to provide direction on the certification transition arrangements for the lead free requirements for plumbing products, as outlined in NCC 2022 Volume Three.


This notice is to provide direction on the material to be used in the manufacture of plumbing products, which contain copper alloy and are intended for use in contact with drinking water, to achiev


This Fire Safety Verification Method provides a process for engineering the design of fire safety Performance Solutions.


This ABCB Standard provides a set of technical provisions that if complied with will enable dwellings to better meet the needs of the community, including older people and people with mobility limi


Provides an overview of options available to demonstrate compliance with the NCC.

Provides an overview of the Assessment Methods used when determining compliance with the NCC’s mandatory Performance Requirements.

This document outlines a process to assist practitioners with the development and approval of simple and complex Performance Solutions.

Provides information for selecting and installing gutters and downpipes, including overflow measures for housing.

Provides information about the grouping of buildings as they are referred to in the NCC. Find out about the classifications of all buildings with this useful reference.