The National Construction Code (NCC) requires any plumbing or drainage product of a type listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products, to be WaterMark certified. It must be certified before it can be installed, and must be installed by a licensed plumbing practitioner.

If a product listed on the Schedule of Products is to be installed in Australia, including those purchased via online stores like eBay and Amazon, the product must be:

  • WaterMark certified
  • marked with the WaterMark trade mark, WaterMark licence number and the applicable product specification
  • listed on the WaterMark product database and provided with a Scope of Use statement specifying its intended use, and
  • Any associated product packaging and promotional material may also be marked with the WaterMark trademark and licence number.

It is legal to sell and buy non-WaterMark certified plumbing and drainage products in Australia. However, if the product type is listed on the Schedule of Products, but is not WaterMark certified, a licensed plumbing practitioner is not permitted to install it.

Also, if a non-WaterMark certified product is installed where a WaterMark certified product is required by the NCC, your state or territory plumbing administration may not accept the installation.

For this reason it’s important that you look for the WaterMark on products and packaging before purchasing and installing. This ensures your products are certified and authorised for use. And if you’re buying online, ask the supplier for this information if it’s not available on their website.

If your client is supplying their own plumbing products for you to install, remember to ask them to look for the WaterMark and to only supply you with WaterMark certified products. Buying WaterMark certified products means they are fit for purpose, authorised for installation and safe for you and your clients.

Check our database

Search the WaterMark product database to make sure the product you want to buy or have been asked to install, is WaterMark certified.

You can search by:

  • WaterMark licence number
  • product type, brand name, model name or model ID, or
  • licensee name.

Can’t find the product?

Request the certification information from the supplier before you buy or install it.

Found something illegal?

If you suspect that a product is not WaterMark certified or is labelled incorrectly, report it.

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