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Advisory Notice: Lead free requirements

This Notice provides advice about the forthcoming limitation to the allowable content of lead in certain plumbing products.

Deed of Assignment and Licence of Intellectual Property

This Deed, completed by the developers of a WMTS, provides confirmation to the Administering Body that all intellectual property rights within the WMTS are assigned to the ABCB.

Cost implications of fire sprinklers in Class 2 and 3 buildings
Schedule of excluded products

This document contains a list of plumbing and drainage products that are excluded from the WaterMark Certification Scheme. This list may be maintained or updated on a regular basis.

Schedule of products

This document contains a list of plumbing and drainage products that are included in the WaterMark Certification Scheme. It also nominates the specification to which the products can be certified.

Water meters with integral shut off valve

This WaterMark Technical Specification sets out the requirements for an inline water meter, with an integral shut-off value for installation into an existing service valve.

2017/4.3 Use of two standards specifications on one WaterMark licence

Notice of Direction 2017/4.3 The intent of this notice is to provide direction on the eligibility of using two standards or specifications on one WaterMark licence.

2016/4.0 Prefabricated Modules

Notice of direction 2016/4.0 The intent of this notice is to provide direction on the requirements for off-site prefabricated plumbing modules, such as ‘bathroom pods’, including the content of Wat

2018/4.0 Sanitary pumps and lifting stations

Notice of Direction 2018/4.0 The purpose of this notice is to provide clarification on the certification of sanitary pumps and lifting stations.

2018/1.0 Evaluation of tank types on listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products

Notice of Direction 2018/1.0 The intent of this notice is to provide direction on the evolution requirements for tank types that are not listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products, i.e.

2017/3.1 Improved WaterMark Certification Scheme Transition Arrangements

Notice of Direction 2017/3.1 The intent of this notice is to provide direction on the transition arrangements following implementation of the improved WaterMark Certification Scheme on 1 August 201

2016/3.1 Amended fees and charges

The intent of this Notice of Direction is to advise of changes to the fees and charges contained in the Approved Certifier Agreements in relation to the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

WaterMark Administrative Framework Structure

This flowchart demonstrates the WaterMark Administrative Framework

Improved WaterMark Certification Scheme Transition Timeline

This document describes the details and key dates associated with the transition from the old WaterMark Certification Scheme to the improved WaterMark Certification Scheme.

WaterMark Certification Process Flowchart

The WaterMark Certification Process flow chart outlines the steps in the process for WaterMark certification of a new plumbing or drainage material or product to be used in a plumbing installation.

WaterMark Point of Sale Feasibility Study

Summary Report This WaterMark Point of Sale Feasibility Study Summary Report outlines the process, assessment approach, findings and recommendations of the study undertaken in 2018.

WaterMark Certification Scheme Brochure

The WaterMark information brochure provides a summary of relevant information regarding the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

WaterMark PCA Compliance

This infographic depicts the relationships between the development of WaterMark Product Specifications (which specify product requirements) and PCA referenced documents (which specify installation

Prefabricated modules

WMTS-050:2018 This Technical Specification sets out minimum requirements for prefabricated modules that include integral components, accessories and fittings, designed for direct connection to the

Consultation Draft WaterMark Scheme Review

Consultation draft This report outlines a review of the WaterMark Certification Scheme undertaken by the ABCB in 2014.