Artibus Innovation has developed user manuals for the VET sector delivering Construction, Plumbing and Services and Property Services training packages, which include many resources to support teaching and learning about the NCC!

Artibus Innovation operates a Skills Service Organisation (SSO) to support the construction and property industries to ensure their qualifications and competency standards are up-to-date, future focused and aligned with industry needs.

Their Companion Volume Implementation Guides (CVIG) provide assistance to trainers, assessors, registered training organisations and others by providing information about the structure and contents of Vocational Education and Training (VET) packages, as well as other guidance material.

Artibus has been working on ways to make the CVIGs more useful for their various stakeholder groups, including developing online user manuals to assist.

The ABCB has contributed a number of resources to the user manuals to support educators in understanding a range of tasks found in training package products that are relevant to the NCC.

What resources are available to the VET sector?

The manual includes a number on resources on the NCC ranging from videos, case studies, handbooks and presentations.

We also offer a tailored resource for the VET sector called ‘NCC Tutor’. 

NCC Tutor

NCC Tutor is specifically for the use of RTOs, TAFE institutions, and universities.

The modules have been tailored to the Construction, Plumbing and Services and Property Services training packages that include competency requirements that relate to the NCC in the Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications.

Educators can choose from presentations for in-class use that include facilitator notes, group activities, and assessment questions. If you’re pressed for time, the modules are also available as ready-to-go recorded lessons, which students can also access.

Find out more information about the User Manuals on the Artibus website and more on NCC Tutor on the ABCB website.