WM Specification File
This WaterMark Technical Specification sets out requirements for a Sanitary Waste Flushing and Dosing System (SWFDS) that includes a low flush volume Water Closet (WC) pan and matched cistern or flush valve to perform in conjunction with a Sewer Dosing Unit (SDU). The system ensures flushing with minimum discharge volumes aligned to a maximum average full flush volume of 3.0 litres or less and maintain drainage carry by utilising the dosing capability of an in line SDU. This is a performance based specification and provided the test criteria are met then the WC pan and matched cistern or flush valve need not be limited by an upper volume limit.

Licences evaluated under this specification

WM Certificates associated with this Specification

Certificate Current Certification Date Current Expiry Date Status
025840 2 Apr 2024 27 Feb 2029 Active