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Devices and Controllers

Product type Product scope/application Specification Year
Meter Requirements for water meters used to meter the actual volume of cold and heated drinking and non-drinking water flowing through a fully charged closed conduit. Note: Only meters installed within the scope of the PCA require certification. AS 3565.1 Meters for cold and heated drinking and non-drinking water supplies - Technical requirements 2010
Flow sensor Devices that measure flow or flow and temperature within a water supply system (drinking or non-drinking) AS 3688 Water supply and gas systems – metallic fittings and end-connectors 2016
Flow control valve Pressure-compensating flow control devices that deliver a fixed and constant flow rate, throughout a given pressure differential range. WMTS-037.1 Flow controllers – For controlling flows in cold or heated water systems 2016
Flow controllers with or without bodies, for use in heated or cold water plumbing systems that may be required to be rated in accordance with AS/NZS 6400. AS 5200.037.2 Plumbing and drainage products - Flow controllers for use with heated or cold water systems 2008
Grey water diversion device Grey water diversion devices employing gravity or pumped discharge, designed to be used in the sanitary drainage system to divert grey water. Note: Products that require connection to a water service are outside the scope. WMTS-460 Grey water diversion device 2016
Rainwater tank connection Low pressure automated changeover devices of nominal sizes DN15 and DN20 and nominal operating pressure up to and including 400 kPa. WMTS-466 Rainwater tank connection devices 2016
Automated valves of nominal sizes DN 20/25 and nominal working pressure PN 16. WMTS-467 Rainwater tank connection valve 2016
Manual or automated changeover devices of nominal sizes DN 20/25 and maximum allowable operating pressures up to and including 1600 kPa. WMTS-477 Rainwater/mains supply changeover devices 2016
Sewer dosing unit Inline sewer dosing units (SDUs) intended to temporarily store and deliver measured volumes of waste water to the sewer line. WMTS-499 Inline sewer dosing unit (SDU) 2016
Overflow relief waste outlet Plastic bodied DN 100 overflow relief waste outlet with integral cap-stopper. WMTS-498 Plastic Fittings - Overflow relief waste outlet (ORWO) with integral cap-stopper 2014
Anti infiltration device Moulded PVC-U anti-infiltration overflow-relief devices, of nominal size DN 100, that are intended, upon installation in an overflow relief gully (ORG). WMTS-501 Anti-infiltration overflow-relief device 2016
Leak protection valve Metallic bodied safety shut valves for use in hot and cold water applications where the maximum operating pressure does not exceed 1400 kPa and the maximum temperature does not exceed 85ºC. WMTS-479 Flood stop safety valve 2018
Pressure compensating tank   Pressure-compensating tanks, for use within cold and heated water supply systems incorporating water supply pumps or systems with fluctuating pressures.   WMTS-485 Pressure compensating tank 2018
Prefabricated cold water storage tank Prefabricated cold water storage tanks constructed from copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastics and dezincification-resistant copper alloy up to 50,000 L capacity installed within a cold water system. Note: This excludes tanks installed outside of the scope of the PCA. WMTS-026 Cold water storage tanks 2016
Rotationally moulded cold water storage tank Rotationally moulded storage tanks that are manufactured in one-piece, single or multi-layer, seamless construction. The tanks are for non-buried, partially-buried and buried installation and capable of containing water or liquids used in food and beverage manufacture. AS/NZS 4766 Rotationally moulded buried, partially buried and non-buried storage tanks for water and chemicals   2020
Water Hammer arrestor Metal-bodied water hammer arresters of DN 15 to DN 50 sizes for heated (up to 80°C) and cold-water applications and supply pressures up to 1.2 MPa. AS 5200.007 Metal-bodied water hammer arresters 2008
Water meters with integral shut off valve Inline water meter with an integral shut off valve for installation into a existing service valve. The meter may be installed in cold or hot water service pipelines. A water meter that complies with this standard is intended for installation downstream of the network utility operators property water meter. WMTS-530 Water meters with integral shut off valve 2020
Water conditionerMetallic or plastic bodied in line or end of line water treatment devices for conditioning of water and prevention of scalingAS 3497 Drinking water treatment systems - Design and performance requirements2021
Wet well washersPrefabricated washing device consisting of a rotating arm with included spray nozzles designed specifically for use with wet wells and tanks. These devices are designed to be permanently fixed to the wet well and not portable.WMTS-533 Wet well washers2022