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Pipes – Other

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Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)

Cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) used for the rehabilitation of above and below ground drainage and sewerage pipelines. The process may be applied to metallic and non-metallic non-pressure piping systems in pipe sizes DN 40 to 1000.

WMTS-518 Rehabilitation of existing non-Pressure Pipelines by the use of  Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)



Vitrified clay pipe

Perforated pipes made from vitrified clay with or without sockets for the construction of french drains, land drains and drainage of waste tips

EN 295 Vitrified clay pipe systems for drains and sewers



Epoxy coating for lining of metallic piping

Epoxy barrier coating system used for lining of metallic cold and heated water pressurised piping systems utilised for drinking water supply. The system may be applied to metallic substrates in pipe sizes DN 15 to 300.

WMTS-511 Epoxy barrier coating system for use in water supply applications