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1. Where the system includes integral plumbing components, accessories or fittings that require certification as identified in the Plumbing Code of Australia, they shall comply with the applicable requirements of the specification for that product, as identified in this schedule.

2. Where the system includes components or accessories they may be subject to other regulatory requirements e.g. electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), gas safety and energy and water efficiency.


Product typeProduct scope/applicationSpecificationYearLead Free Applies
Purpose-built bathroom modulePrefabricated modules that include integral components, accessories and fittings, designed for direct connection to the water supply and sanitary drainage system.

WMTS-050 Prefabricated modules
Note: See NoD 2016/4.0 

2018Refer to component standard
Bathroom appliance

Bathroom appliances which integrate the following fixtures and fittings for concealment when not in use:

a) Water closet pans and flushing devices;

b) Basin; and

c) Pipework and fittings to enable connectivity to water services and sanitary plumbing and drainage systems.

WMTS-524 Bathroom appliances 2018Refer to component standard
Modular heated water systemModular heated water systems for the generation of heated water which may incorporate hot, cold and tempered water systems, water heaters and heated and cold water storage tanks.AS 3498 Water heaters and hot-water storage tanks2020Yes
Sanitary waste flushing and dosing system (SWFDS)Sanitary waste flushing and dosing systems – Water closet 3/2 L capacity or proven equivalent with included sewer dosing unitWMTS-504 Sanitary waste flushing dosing system (SWFDS) - Water Closet (WC) 3/2 L Capacity or proven equivalent with included sewer dosing unit (SDU) 2013No
Wash down diversion systemWash down diversion systems for connection to suitable drainageWMTS-046 Diversion systems – Wash down and first flush 2016No